Dynasty (Mazambala to Victoria Falls, Zambia 305 km).

The roads for this day were long, sealed and straight and to be honest a little boring.
The day was made more exciting by the border crossing from Namibia into Zambia.
Leaving Namibia was a fairly easy process, entering Zambia not so simple.
The process is quite difficult to describe as there is no process. The most important thing was to make sure that prior to leaving you had all the necessary paperwork and stamps in your passport. This involvded visiting an office, a caraven, a shipping container and another office. The whole time you are harrassed by locals trying to exchange your money as you need 3 different currencies to purhcase the necessary paperwork. This seemed to take an average of 2 hours and gave us a bit of a laugh.
We were warned that the roads after the border were full of potholes but a pending visit from the Prime Minister had seen them all filled in and in much better better condition.
We arrived at our hotel in Livingston, the Zambesi Sun, mid afternoon leaving us some time to explore the falls prior to our last group dinner. The bikes were handed back after being checked over by Albert. He seemed pleased that most of the bikes were returned in good condition. A few had minor damage (like mine), some none and couple quite serious.
The Victoria Falls are truely spectacular. They are described as the smoke that thunders. Amazing to see and I'm sure the photos do not really do the falls justice.
Our final dinner was in the grounds of the hotel surrounded by giraffe, elephants and zebras. Jacquie finally got to try some crocodile. Most people retired to the pool bar to remenise about the highs and lows of their adventure and exchange details so we could all keep in touch.