Creatures of the Night (Divundi to Mazambala 260 km).

Another long day on the bitumen. The final 1.5 km into Mazambala was very deep sand. Many elected not to ride, and a big thanks to John, Scottie, Charley and Billy for ferrying the bikes. Bryce sustained a shoulder injury in the back of a Land Cruiser on the way in.
Mazambala is a remote lodge located on the Kwango River. We had to park up the bikes and take a boat ride to get to the lodge. Upon arrival we were orientated to the dos and do nots of sleeping in the African wilderness. The hippo gate (about 60cm high) is closed each night at 8pm. Apparently the hippo's short legs can't climb over so we were safe for the night in our cabin on the inside of the hippo fence.
After lunch and an afternoon lazing in the sun and twitching with Gary and Mick we headed out on a sundowner cruise to spot some more wildlife.
Our boat ride with Gift (the guide) took us into the national park on the Kwango River. We were fortunate to see elephants, birds (a twitcher's paradise), baboons, assorted mammals, hippos and the world's smallest crocodile.
After watching the elephants peacefully drinking, the larger of the tribe decided to charge at us. Trunk raised in the air, trumpet sounding and ears at full stretch a few on the boat were a bit scared. Gift remained calm and collected as we turned and headed to the hippos.
After a buffet dinner and a sneaky glass of South African port we had an early night.