Hotter than Hell (N'Kwazi to Divundi 192 km).

We did 10 km of the sandy and rocky road that follows along the Kavango River prior to bailing onto the parallel bitumen. This road was very long, very straight, very flat and very boring. The most entertaining part of the ride was dodging cows, goats, donkeys and locals. The kids along the road were all very friendly with big smiles and waves. Most people took the sealed road but a few did the whole off road section.
Once again the entrance to the hotel was deep sand, but fortunately only 500m long.
Jaks travelled on the gravel road in the support vehicle stopping at a few of the local villages along the way.
Our hotel at Divundi was quite luxurious and is one of the leading hotels of Africa.
After a swim and a relax by the pool most of us headed out on a sundowner boat cruise. We were able to see Hippos, Crocodiles and Jimmy leaping off the top deck of the boat. I'm not convinced the risk was worth the 1000 Rand he got for his efforts.
We were entertained by a local gospel choir prior to an amazing 5 course dinner.
A few quiet after dinner drinks saw the evening out.