Symphony (Etosha to N'Kwazi 490 km).

An early start with no bags to pack as Su had not been able to get the 400 km to us safely the night before.
The day was half sealed, half gravel.
We had good news that Tim was discharged from hospital and would continue his journey in the land rover.
The day was fairly unremarkable with more Namibian dust to eat. Long straights on good gravel with long sweeping corners made the off road section easy enough. Boss John was kept busy with several punctures through the day.
The final 10 km to the lodge was very sandy and rocky. Slow going for the less acomplished riders. Feet down and paddling through the sandier sections. The last 600 meters was the worst with some very deep sand in spots but no falls. Jaks drove the landy with the trailer over the sandy bit whilst John was ferrying bikes.
The lodge was fairly minimalist (still higher standards than our usual) and a great location on the Kavango River. Some people did a "boat" cruise to Angola whilst others sat and watched the sunset. To our surprise and joy there were no mosquitos.
Another buffet dinner with lots of game meats and then a few rum and cokes in the bar finished the night. Musical entertainment was provided by Pete on the guitar and Billy on the harmonica. Our evening festivites came to an end when the generator was turned off and we were left in the dark.