Destroyer (Namib Naukluft Reserve to Swakopmund 390 km).

Micha set off early for the sanddunes to take some photos at sunrise. Micha returned early with some bad news and much to his and everybody else's disappointment bikes are no longer allowed on the 80 km stretch of road into visit the famous Namibian dunes.

There was a chance this morning to put my bike on the trailer and have a day with Jaks in the landy. But, the trailer with the spare bikes on it did not turn up so I had to ride again. This was going to be another long day. 390 km. Things started fine with good roads to the town of Solatire. We filled up there and moved on. I was riding with Darren mostly with meetups with Rick and Jim. Lots of thanks to Darren for his advice and help over the past few days. His help has been invaluable in making my riding much better.
The temp increased to around 35 deg and was heavy going.
After some very soft sand around some roadworks we found that the grader had been through. This made all of the gravel sit on the road and took away the hard line. The gravel was around 8cm deep and made for very slippery conditions. The bike moved around a lot at around 100 km/h. This road went for around 150 km and was very tiring. We made several stops with Rick and Jim to catch our breath. Eventually we hit better roads and the temp started to drop. We had finally made it to the coast. The temp went from 35 to 18 in half an hour or so. We refuelled in Walvis Bay and headed north along the coast towards Swakopmund. We arrived around 4 o clock, 3 hours after the fast bunch who had been sitting on 160 kmh for several hours.
A bloody hard day. Destroyed.
Much cooler here and a day off will be much appreciated.