Alive! (Fish River Canyon to Le Mirage @ Namib Naukluft Reserve, 493km)

A BIG day of 493 km.
Our first of 4 fuel stops was the the Canon Roadhouse. I was able to leave my sidstand up decal on the fuel pump. I hope it is the most remote one so far.
The roads were not too bad except for a 500 m long stretch of sand about a third of the way through. Unfortunatly this section brought Irene undone and she came off at a fairly decent speed. A bit battered and bruised but nothing serious which is good. Her bike was repaired with some gaffer tape and was ridden the remainder of the way by John.
The further north we come the more animals there are. Jaks is lucky that as a passenger she can look around and spot the animals in the grass and dunes. Taking a look around is a bit harder whilst riding the bike on slippery gravel and sand, although most people have managed to spot some Springboks (which by the way make very nice sausages).
Our hotel for the night (Le Mirage) was a little bizarre. A 5 star castle in the middle of the African desert. After a 5 course meal, a glass of pinotage with Micha and Tim and one too many G & T's for Jaks it was a water card and time for bed.
A very confidence inspiring day. Very much Alive.