Smashes, thrashes and hits (Clanwilliam to Springbok 493 km).

Our ride from Clanwilliam to springbok was a big day. 500 kms of gravel riding. We set off on a sealed road for around 20 km then hit the gravel. At first it was good gravel but it soon turned to sand. A section about 100m long brought several people unstuck, me included. No damage or injuries to anyone though. We continued on on good gravel roads through millions of purple wildflowers. Another short uphill sandy section proved difficult and I had a good get off there. It turns out that this was not the right road and the GPS, had led us all astray. Once back on the right track the roads were very wide and flowing. After cleaning out the fuel supplies at a small village myself, Irene, Darren and Charley rode the last 150 km in spectacular scenery.
Jaks had an interesting day in the support vehicle. 3 broken bikes and a few other mishaps led to her driving the Defender the last 150 km into Springbok. We'll leave the rest of that story for another day.
We stayed at the very intersting and quaint Blue Diamond Lodge. Check it out if you are ever in the area. A big night in the bar waiting for the bags to arrive in the second support vehicle.
A short day on sealed roads tomorrow. Good bye South Africa, hello Namibia.