Day 3. Cape Town and bikes.

After waking up early and maybe suffering a bit of jetlag, we had a big brekky and headed off to wander around the harbour district. The wharf area has been done up with lots of shops and restaurants and is a really nice place just to wander around.
We were meeting with Su at 11.00 to discuss the day and have a first briefing. At 2.30 were headed down to AtlanticBMW to look over our bikes and fill in the required forms.
Here we learnt that there had been accident while they were transporting the bikes back from Jo'Burg which had totalled 3 of the 2010 models.
They had managed to find replacements bikes and these were in the last stages of being fitted up with GPS devices and tank bags.
My bike is a black 2010 GS with 50,000 km's on it. All good except for a loose muffler which required a bit of persuading to stop it from moving from side to side.
We also met Charley, Billy, and John here for the first time.
After riding the bikes back to the hotel (about 200 meters), we had a quick beer and got ready for the dinner.
Charley spoke at the dinner and outlined the rough route and what we could expect in the following days.
So tomorrow we are off at around 9.00ish for a short run down the coast to our first stop.

The link below has a photo and a short audio track of some of the buskers around the harbour area.