Day 2. The adventure begins.

After a beautiful day in Melbourne spent with friends we have arrived at the airport. Checking in was a breeze with some very helpful staff looking after us.

After heading through the doors that seperate the internationals from the domestics we arrived at a very empty Customs desk. We cleared customs in a PB beating our time in Cairns from last year.

So we find ourselves in the Emirates Lounge and I must say its very nice! Great food and very pleasant surroundings.

We leave in 90minutes or so and have a 13 hour flight to Dubai. We are there for a couple of hours and will meet up with John and Scott and get ready for the next leg to Cape Town. Thats about a 7 hour flight I think.

Have had no trouble with the helmet going through security so far. It has not even raised an eyebrow which is great as it could have been a bit of bugger.

We have posted up a few tweets (@BeautStretch) with some photos.

We will try to get a video up on YouTube before we leave tonight.

Catch you in Dubai!