All the ways we will be posting from Africa.

After a fairly nerdy moning I have hopefully come up with some ways that will work while we are away. 

Sooooo, we have twitter: @BeautStretch, @jpurden, @MtRumneyTavern, this website and hopefully some videos going to our YouTube channel, BeautStretch.

There is a short (less than a minute) video of our Victorian High Country trip on the You Tube channel at the moment. I am hoping that we can post videos from Africa straight to the channel and then link them back to this webpage. Thats the plan anyway.

I have also set up a Posterous site which I am hoping to use as a place to send audio files. These files should then be re-tweeted by Posterous and be available for listening via @BeautStretch.

Finally, at the moment anyway, we will try to post some photos to Flickr. We can only have 200 there at a time so we will try to only post the good ones.

So far this seems to be working, but I have not fully tried it all from our phones and the iPad. I will do some bits over the next week and try to make sure it all works before we go.