Snow Day.

Today we walked 20km. There was more rain and wind than we had had before. The first 5.5km was over undulating terrain around the lake and took us to Italian Campsite. The campsites are named after climbing expeditions in the 40s and 50s. There is also a British and Japanese camp.
From Italian Campsite we headed up French Valley to the right moraine of the French Glacier. We had amazing views over the glacier and the Horns of Paine to the right.
Then it started to snow, snow and snow some more! Very beautiful but if we stopped walking it got very cold.
After returning to Italian campsite we walked the remaining 7.6km to Lodge Paine Grande in swirling snow.
The area around the lodge has been devastated by the fires that swept through this summer. The fire burnt out 17,000 acres and was started by someone burning their toilet paper. There are poles of the lodge that are burnt and the building that housed the generator exploded.
We are all huddled around the fire trying to dry our clothes and warm up.
Tomorrow we head up to Grey Glacier lookout before returning to catch the boat.