Condor Day. Says Sem.

After the others returned from their walk we headed back to our campsite. Our accommodation was a North Face Mountain 25. The cooking hut was was nice and warm with plenty of seats. Jaks provided the best surprise of the trip when she presented a small bottle of Bundy and some coke. This went down well with everyone.
After a reasonably good nights sleep we awoke 8 and packed up.
The short bus trip took us back to the start of the treks.
Today's walk was a nice stroll of 11km along the shores of the lake. The trail wound through beech and notofagus forests. The weather changed from not really warm to outright freezing. Occasional snow and fierce winds accompanied us all day.
Condors circled overhead all day and we spotted one perched on a cliff face. The size of them is hard to grip when you see them up close.
We arrived at our lodge around 3.30 and it's very nice. Hot showers and a bar!
On a sad note Justin blew a plugger.
The Horns of Paine fill our view out the window.
Mark got several bottles of wine and Pisco which kept him very happy. Our room had 8 beds over 3 levels which makes for a big climb to get to sleep. The walls were very thin and there was a lot of noise through the night.
Tomorrow is 12km up the French Valley.