Puerto Natales

After some speccy scenery and some very windy weather we arrived in Puerto Natalas this afternoon.
The weather has taken a turn for the worse with high winds and lots of rain. The snow line looks lower than we had planned as well.

The disembarkation process took a long time and it took over an hour after we had docked until we could set foot on land again. We said our goodbyes to some new friends and jumped in a taxi for the short ride to our hotel.
The hotel is very nice and our first hot showers for several days were very welcome.
Gem, our guide for the 4 days met us at the hotel and provided a briefing on the track we would take and what we could bring. We are limited to 5 kilos in a duffle bag. Most bags came in well under that weight so all good there.
We had a lovely and quiet dinner at Angelica's restaurant before returning to the hotel to catch up on emails and such.
We have 18 kms tomorrow with lots of steep climbs.
No Internet for the next 4 days so will catch up when we return on Friday