Glaciers, bingo and dancing.

After a good nights sleep, perhaps because of the drugs, we awoke to calm seas. During the night I awoke to a bit of rolling around as we crossed the Gulfo De Pennas (Gulf of Sorrows) The seas were a lot less rough than usual and made for a great crossing.
We entered the Messier Channel at around 5am.
After breakfast we passed the shipwreck of the Leoniditis. A ship that was hauling sugar and hit some rocks in the 60s.
Just after another big lunch we pulled into Puerto Eden. We were loaded into smaller boats and ferried ashore. A quick walk around the small town and it was time to leave.
Soon after we had a briefing on glaciers. We were going to head north to the second biggest and only advancing glacier in the world. Pio 11.
The temperature had dropped considerably during the day and a slight sleet fell as we arrived at the terminal moraine of the glacier. The face is over 4 km long and calving all the time. We spent nearly an hour taking photos and looking at the ice.
This evening we had a fierce game of bingo which was actually quite good fun. Soon after we headed to the bar for a few games of eucha and then bed. The Salsa dancing was a hit with the more energetic passengers and crew.
Tomorrow we hit Puerto Natales and prepare for our walk in Torres Del Paine.