Through the fjords.

Our first full day of shipboard was fairly uneventful. After a big breakfast we watched a movie on the various plant life we would come across down south. When it finished we moved outside and spent most of the day watching the scenery go by. There was mostly a line of mountains to our port side and lower hills on the other. A couple of snow capped peaks were soon behind us although the scoured rock of the mountains resembled it still. The water was dead flat for most way.
We were warned that the waves would increase when we left the safety of the fjord. 7-10 meter waves are common and we were told to have a pill if there was any doubt about sea sickness.
We hit the ocean around 5pm to discover a fairly flat sea. Nothing to worry about here! There seemed to be only one person not coping with the conditions.
Food on board has been good and plenty of it. Salmon, chicken and spaghetti bog so far.
The time does seem to pass quite quickly and watching the scenery go by is no hardship. Tonight we traverse the "Gulf of Sorrows" while we sleep and head into the Messier Channel which is the narrowest part of our voyage.