A ferry called Brian.

This morning we reluctantly left Puerto Varas and drove south to Puerto Montt.
It is much more of an industrial town from the little that we saw.
After booking in at the slightly smokey ferry terminal we headed to the supermarket to grab some water and some batteries.
Upon our return the smoke from the electrical fire had cleared and we waited to board our ship. As walking through the docks was not allowed we boarded the bus for the 48 second trip to the dock.
Our boat is bigger than we expected. It can hold 280 passengers but there are only 50 of us on this trip. We were to share a cabin with Jak and Corrine but they got upgraded to a stateroom with a porthole and private bathroom.
After a 1.5 hour delay we set sail. The voyage out of Puerto Montt has been spectacular. The Andes mountains have been on our port side and the non stop line of snow-capped mountains is incredible.
The boat unsurprisingly is full of Aussies. The sunshine coast, Sydney and Cairns are all represented.

There are even some whale docs from Hobart here. Took 1 degree of seperation to find someone we knew!
So the boat trip so far has been great. Meeting lots of new people for our ride south.