Osorno Volcano

After a 1 1/2 hour bus trip through lush green areas that looked like NE Tassie we arrived at the base of the volcano. We set off around the eastern side and a short 300m climb brought us to a pass. There were spectacular clear (reminiscent of Arenal) views of the volcano the whole way. We then descended 800m to the Emerald Lake. Would have loved to have gone for a swim in the crystal clear water but apparently white whales are not common in this area and can be offensive.
After a short walk around the edge of the lake and through some temperate rainforest we arrived at the car.
The 16km walk was good training for upcoming treks and the boots no longer look new.
On the way back to town we stopped at Petrohue waterfalls that were very pretty.
This area of Chile is very beautiful with lots of dormant volcanos and mountains surrounding us. There are only a few that have snow and even in winter the snow line stops at 800m.