Today we did a full day tour to the coastal cities of Valparisio and Vino del Mar.
Willy the tour guide and Robinson the driver were quite funny and very informative.
We headed West though the wine region of Casablanca. Vines everywhere in the valley and up the valley sides. The rest of hills were quite dry. We might do a specific wine tour on our way back but no time for wine tasting today.
Highlights of Valpariso included the funicular ride, coloured houses, local
University students completing initiation bets and the interesting harbour area.
We then headed north up the coast for lunch (mostly local seafood and beef). After a few more stops for pictures we made our way back east along the Pan American Highway into peak hour Santiago traffic. Not a big fan of big cities in peak hour.
We then met our guide Justin from Toronto and the other members of the group and headed for a meal and earlyish night.
Tomorrow we have an early start for a flight south.
Still learning all the ins and outs of the new camera and will post some photos when we get a chance to download them.
So far South America gets 4.5 stars.
Good night.