Vino Chileno

Today we visited two wineries in the Maipo Valley, the oldest winery zone in central Chile.
Firstly we did a tour at Conchay Y Toro, the second largest winery in the world. Lots of history and mass produced wine.
Secondly we visited Cavas del Maipo, a smaller family owned vineyard with more traditional wine making techniques.
At both wineries we tasted some great drops with the Chardonnay being our favourite. At $6 per bottle it is a pity we can't bring more home with us.

Traveling and city tours.

Yesterday was a big day of travel.
We were picked up at our hotel at 9.30 and taken to the bus station. From there we had a 3 hour bus ride to Punta Arenas. The land was mostly flat and very windy. The iPods definitely made this trip more enjoyable.
Our flight from Punta Arenas to Santiago was delayed so we had a few hours in the airport. Cowboy entertained himself by chatting to a cowgirl and we were entertained by his efforts despite her onlooking husband.
Our flight to Santiago stopped over in Puerto Montt and so by the time we got to the hotel in Santiago it was 8.00pm.
With only "one more night" together we had a lovely dinner together and were able to reminisce and exchange numbers etc.
This morning it was goodbyes. Jak and Corinne left for the airport early for their flight to Rio. Sad saying goodbye as we are not likely to see them again until Christmas time.
Next we said goodbye to Simion. Hopefully we will see him in March next year when he hopes to visit Australia
(that is if he isn't too scared of drop bears).
After lunch in the Clinic Bar we did a 4 hour city walking tour. It was very informative and the guide was great.
Tomorrow is winery tour day before packing tomorrow night for the flight home.
Ciao Ciao!