Ryans 8th Birthday

Waking up with a pretty cool view from the tent it was presents all round for Ryan on his eighth birthday. Dad had some presents for Ry and so did ED and Hillary who provided many cool things for fun and camping, and Mum even had a surprise waiting , I wonder how that happened ;-)
As we had no phone service, Ry rang his mum on the sat phone first thing. Back out to the main road we found an old World War 2 Radar installation and stumbled on some unexpected phone service so we called Nan and Nanna and Poppa and tried mum again.
Heading south then west again we stopped off at Crystal Creek for a swim and decided to stay. Hammock across the creek, mud bath, birthday road chicken and veggies in the camp oven and a camp oven cake for dessert. Yumm! The glo sticks around the fire were a real hit with the fans.

Happy Birthday Our Little Man! xxx