My Bike

I have a yellow BMW 1200GS Adventure. Her name is Dora. I bought her (the bike not Jaks), new in May 2010 with the blessing of Jacquie. (Not sure how she feels about it now).

I had a series of street bikes before Dora. I started on a  Yamaha RZ250, and then progressed to a 1987 Honda CBR1000. I sold that bike and was without one for several years as I was travelling around the world. When I came home I got another CBR. This was a 1994 1000. This was a great bike and my favourite until Dora came along. Once again we went travelling and after riding the CBR to Port Douglas it was sold up there.

Jacquie and I got around a lot after that and it was not until we returned to Hobart that the idea of another bike got to me. The natural progression to a Blackbird (CBR1100 XX) seemed obvious so I looked around until Jaks found me one. I bought one which Jkas called Kevin ( no you don't want to know)and rode it back from Launceston in the worst dust and wind I have ever seen.

I kept the bike for a year or so but to be honest in never really fitted me properly. It made my right hand go numb after 2 minutes of riding.

So after looking at and thinking about what I want to do with bikes I started looking at a BMW 1200 GS.

Yep the Charlie and Ewan bikes. I think they look great. So after riding one for an hour and renting one for a day, I found them to so different, comfortable and so much more fun than the Blackbird that Jaks told me to buy one.

So i ended up with a yellow 2010 Bmw1200 GS Adventure and i love it. i have added lots of bits and hope to take it to Alaska and ride the Dalton, Dempster and Cassier highways.

I will make up a list of farkels, mods and ideas for the bike and add some pics and videos as I make them.