Panniers from MTD.

I ordered these panniers from MTD Luggage  a while back now. I am very impressed with the quality of them.

The right side is full size and the left has a cut-out for the exhaust. They are very well put together and seem to be completely watertight. They mount using the standard GS Adventure racks and the hockey puck mounts at the top. They are the same width as the handlebars which gives a good guide for those tight spaces.

MTD Panniers

MTD Panniers

1400 Pelican Case

I added this case a while ago to use for everyday riding. Its a good size without being to big. I have run power to it using an SAE plug from Bluerim.


This is then powered from the standard Merit plug on the bike.

The Pelican case was purchased from Videoguys in Melbourne.

The case is mounted using 4 brackets underneath that go straight onto the BMW rack.

Pelican Case

Pelican Case

Quadlock iPhone Mount

I got this mount as part of a Kickstarter Project. It comes with a case for the phone and 2 other non-locking mounts. One of the other mounts has been in our Prado during Another Beautiful Lap and performed flawlessly. Easy to use and the phone never jumped out, even on some really rough outback roads. The bike mount has a locking ring that is pushed down to release the phone. Its been great so far and I have had no problems. Highly recommended.

Quadlock iPhone Mount

Flat tyre.

I rode up to Orford today via copping and the forest drive. The road is a bit more corrugated than the last time I rode it. As I came down the hill towards the bridge there was a 1200 GS and a 650 parked up. I did a quick turn and stopped for a chat. Sandy had a flat front tyre on her 650. Robbie and Kerry from Qld had also had some grief and busted off a pillion foot peg. No phone coverage where we were so Robby took Sandy off to a friends place in Kellevie.

My Bike

I have a yellow BMW 1200GS Adventure. Her name is Dora. I bought her (the bike not Jaks), new in May 2010 with the blessing of Jacquie. (Not sure how she feels about it now).

I had a series of street bikes before Dora. I started on a  Yamaha RZ250, and then progressed to a 1987 Honda CBR1000. I sold that bike and was without one for several years as I was travelling around the world. When I came home I got another CBR. This was a 1994 1000. This was a great bike and my favourite until Dora came along. Once again we went travelling and after riding the CBR to Port Douglas it was sold up there.

Jacquie and I got around a lot after that and it was not until we returned to Hobart that the idea of another bike got to me. The natural progression to a Blackbird (CBR1100 XX) seemed obvious so I looked around until Jaks found me one. I bought one which Jkas called Kevin ( no you don't want to know)and rode it back from Launceston in the worst dust and wind I have ever seen.

I kept the bike for a year or so but to be honest in never really fitted me properly. It made my right hand go numb after 2 minutes of riding.

So after looking at and thinking about what I want to do with bikes I started looking at a BMW 1200 GS.

Yep the Charlie and Ewan bikes. I think they look great. So after riding one for an hour and renting one for a day, I found them to so different, comfortable and so much more fun than the Blackbird that Jaks told me to buy one.

So i ended up with a yellow 2010 Bmw1200 GS Adventure and i love it. i have added lots of bits and hope to take it to Alaska and ride the Dalton, Dempster and Cassier highways.

I will make up a list of farkels, mods and ideas for the bike and add some pics and videos as I make them.