Rum and Coca Cola - The Andrews Sisters

Bundaberg - Discover our Spirit.
This is the greeting on the signs as you enter into the area within the Bundaberg Regional Council. Being the law abiding citizens that we are, we thought it best to obey the signs and discover their spirit.
The Churchills were our hosts for our time in Bundaberg and a massive thank you to Matty, Poss, Fletch, Alex, Abi and Ruby for having us to stay. It was awesome to see you guys again, catch up on old times, meet the kids and even do the school run.
After a few days camped under trees, Hillary had a few sap stains on her paint so Ruby and Bryce washed the car whilst Jaks did grown up stuff on the computer.


Then a trip to town for a tyre repair, 2nd hand book shopping, TV aerial shopping and a general look around the city.
It seems all roads in Bundaberg lead to the Bundy factory so we accidentally ended up on an afternoon tour of the facilities. No drop bears present that afternoon. We did a few tastings and purchased some rum liquor (only available in Bundy sorry). Yummo.


We spent time at the beach, baking cup cakes, trying to put together an ant farm, checking the pool and hanging out with the kids.
Sadly after a few great days in Bundy it was time to leave and continue our journey south.
Once again a massive thanks to Poss and co for having us to stay!