Sisters Are Doing It For Themselves - Eurythmics

We excited Sydney stage West and made our way up the motorway to Katoomba. I had never visited the Blue Mountains (slack given my Sydney address for 4 years) and Bryce was last here in 1989 after returning from Caoe York. So there was plenty for us to explore.
Katoomba reminded us of a cross between Cygnet, Fern Tree and Deloraine.
Following the bus loads of tourists it wasn't difficult to find the Three Sisters lookout. The view was spectacular but the shear volume of tourists made it not really our scene.


15 minutes further up the highway we stopped at Blackheath for a quick look before returning to Katoomba to find some accommodation for the night. With no sites available in the caravan park and storms forecast we decided on the soft option and checked into a motel for the night. A few creature comforts were appreciated and the buffet breakfast was reminiscent of mornings on the Pacific Coast Highway in the US.
Full of breakfast we once again joined the tourist trail and completed a few walks around Wentworth Falls. Hard to capture with pixels due to its size.

Wentworth Falls

Wentworth Falls

The highlights of Leura included a trip to the bottle shop where Bryce was able to purchase about half a dozen different wheat beers including a wheat and pineapple can.
In the afternoon we made our way back down into Southern Sydney to catch up with team ANT who we had met up at the Cape.