Emerald - Thin Lizzy

There is little of significance to report today. The stretch of road between Barcaldine and Emerald was uneventful and frankly not all that exciting.
We passed through the small towns of Jerico and Alpha. Bryce wanted to visit the post office in Alpha to see if it had a sign out the front "Alpha Mail". It appears the post office manager's sense of humor differs from that of Bryce's.
Emerald was much bigger than we had thought it would be with practically one of everything you could possibly need.
We decided to head straight to the caravan park at Lake Maraboon. The lake is massive, holding 1.4 million megalitres of water. With plenty of water around the area is relatively green and a number of industries have subsequently developed (cotton, coal mining, citrus orchards...).
With school holidays in full swing in QLD the park was pretty full with families and grey nomads. We were definitely the odd ones out.
Bryce spent the afternoon drooling over a nearby Toyota Tundra and making enquiries about how the car was imported and converted to right hand drive. It would be an awesome vehicle to complete our next lap whenever that may be!


Not doing much to dispel the myth that all Tasmanians know each other, we bumped into Ann-Marie - a nurse I used to work with at the Hobart Private. It was lovely to see her and have a bit of a catch up on the last 8 years!
The weather forecast was for storms and the hovering black clouds definitely hinted that it might rain. This didn't last long and once again it was clear blue skies and no rain.
No real plan for tomorrow except to slowly make our way towards Mackay.