Deep Forest - Deep Forest

After returning from a quick trip back to Tassie and 4 hours sleep we picked up a relieved Hillary from the airport. A brief shop and we met R&R at the campground. Ronny has found a job in Bunbury WA, that she has applied for so the day was spent sorting through selection criteria while the boys did car stuff.
Monday was our due departure day but Ronny needed a few more hours and there was more car things to be done so we delayed our departure for a day. Ringo's car got some door adjustments, securing the catch can, and a cleaning out of the rear door, which was found to be full of rocks.
Hillary got some new mounts for the Maxtrax. We have moved them up onto the third roof rack and they seem to be good there.

Peter's cool clear Codan aerial.

Peter's cool clear Codan aerial.

While we were at the park we were approached by a man bearing gifts. Turns out he was Peter from Telstst Aviation. He sells Codan HF radios and had seen our aerial as he drove into the park. We scored hats, stubby holders and key rings. Nice.

Peter also had some advice about a noise that has been plaguing our radio. The rust prevention doo-dad was the cause of horrible noises coming through the radio. After disconnecting the fuse the silence is golden!

On Tuesday morning we met R&R at the botanical garden cafe for a final read of her job application. 5 hours later it was sent and we were getting out of Dodge.
We set our sights on Lawerance Gorge for the night. It was not too far away and the road was far better than we expected. 20 km in we found a nice spot on the riverbed sheltered behind a small escarpment.
Early next morning we were woken by the howl of a nearby Dingo. The poor dog was was being played with against it's will by an early rising Ringo.