Crunchy Granola Sweet - Neil Diamond (& Tony Martin)

Fueled by pancakes we continued on our merry way along the Boggy Hole Track.
This track may be a challenge if there was more water around, but with the river relatively dry it made for a nice scenic drive as opposed to a difficult 4WD track.


As we continued south along the track the scenery changed from steep red cliffs up the sides of the river banks to open pastures. We made a minor detour to Illamurta Springs. This was not worth the short few kilometers to get here unless you are interested in large piles of camel faeces.
Our next stop was the Henbury Meteorilte Crater. While not as big as the Tunguska event it was impressive nonetheless. A meteorite the size of a 44 gallon drum hit the ground after breaking up in the atmosphere. One big crater and several smaller ones cover an area just south of Stuarts Well. We wondered around the craters in search of a "large snake with 4 legs" that was reported by some european back packers, to no success. Not even an elusive Thorny Devil that we have been in search of our entire Red Centre trip.
Deciding to press on we set up camp at a roadside stop on the Stuart Highway, ate dinner early, showered at dusk and were in bed by dark.
Rising early, this time Cherios fueling us for the day, we made our way across the Hugh River Stock Route towards Chambers Pillar. It was only a short 150km to the pillar. Ringo was on gate duty and was kept quite busy practicing his farm boy skills.
The road from Maryvale into Chambers Pillar rated highly on the corrugations scale and a quick stop to collect some firewood gave our bodies a brief rest from the vibrations.
Arriving at the Chambers Pillar campground we set up in the bush camping area and spent the afternoon relaxing in the sun, reading our books and planning the next legs of our journeys.


Sunset was spent wondering around the pillar, looking for names etched into the rock over 100 years ago, and wondering about the mentality of people who had defaced it more recently (nice one Nigel and Shazza 8/6/86), and sitting on the park bench in the sunset viewing area.


Returning to camp we resurrected the fire, placed the dumplings into the chicken stroganoff and settled in for the night.
Another great campsite with awesome views of the stars.