I Can't Stand the Rain - The Commitments

As we departed Bundaberg the black clouds were threatening and the humidity was rising. Heading out of town we passed numerous crops of chilli, sugar and other unidentified rows of plants. With its rich soil this area seems to be produce heaven.
Following the coastal road we arrived in Hervey Bay by lunchtime. We set up the tent and headed into town for a walk. We got stuck at a local bookshop for 45 minutes with an owner who obviously didn't get many visitors. By 3.00pm the skies had opened and it was bucketing down. The locals kept saying "we need it".
We didn't really need it so we spent the afternoon in the tent reading our books. We stayed high and dry in camp 4.


Throughout the night we were buffeted by high winds hitting us side on. There were many gusts and a few lulls which lulled us into sleep only to be blasted awake moments later by the apocalypse arriving. Camp 4 lived up to its name that night.
Not a good nights sleep all round.

Waking to clear skies and strong winds, we packed up camp and headed towards Rainbow Beach. With the winds being unpleasantly strong we thought it best to avoid Fraser Island until they had settled somewhat.
We ended up stopping in a little town called Tin Can Bay. A nice, quiet little spot, that had some protection from the gale force winds.
Waking on Saturday morning to a slight wind that had almost completely gone, we made our way to Inskip Point to catch the barge to Fraser Island.
But first we had to get all of the assorted permits. There are ones for the car, for us, and for where we will, or might camp.
There was a long line at the booking office which initially put us off. After watching for a while most of the people were getting permits and leaving town. This inspired us to bite the bullet, and $230.00 later we were off to to the worlds largest sand island.