Union City Blues - Blondie

We managed to get packed up before the temperature was in the 30's. Unfortunately we didn't manage to be packed up before the flies were up.
Retracing our steps between Winton and Longreach we slowly managed to decrease Hillary's fly population numbers to a bearable amount.
Arriving in Longreach we were greeted by a lunchtime street parade. There were fire trucks throwing lollies, reminiscent of Knoppies on Christmas Eve. Dodging the crowds of folk dressed by RM Williams we grabbed a few things at the supermarket, purchased a pie from the Marino Bakery (yummy) and retreated to the air conditioned comfort of Hillary.
As temperatures peaked in the 40's we continued towards the gravitational pull of the coast.

The first thing we noticed arriving in Barcaldine was the number of pubs. 5 in total. All over 100 years old, some of the patrons looked this age as well.

Barcaldine's claim to fame is being the founding town of the Labour Party. An 8 million dollar tree of knowledge dominates the main street. The tree stands at the site where the Union Movement resulted in the formation of the Labour Party in 1891.

Tree of Knowledge

Tree of Knowledge

Parking Hillary on some grass in the shade at the Barcaldine Tourist Park we commenced the never ending job of trying to remove some of the dirt from Hillary's internal organs. This will truly be a never ending task. We also added a few more items to the to do repair list.

Between cleaning and working out where we head next we chatted with Rex and Pam from New Plymouth, NZ. They had the low down on transporting vehicles in shipping containers from Auckland to Sydney. Might need to apply for a Passport for Hillary!

There was footy fever in the park with one TV on the AFL and the other on the NRL and Bryce downloading NFL apps on his phone. Luckily the footy finished prior to F1 qualifying.

It even cooled down nicely as the sun disappeared over the horizon.

Emerald tomorrow!