Couldn't Stand the Weather - Stevie Ray Vaughn

Our first stop for the day was the visitor information centre in Yeppoon.  They were very helpful and made a booking for us for a camp in Byfield NP.

After a quick lap of the local Woolworths we made our way approximately 40km north to the small town of Byfield.  

We had read about Byfield NP in a 4WD magazine and it looked really nice, with rainforest and beach sections.  WIth the car nice and clean we decided to avoid the sand for a few more days and opted for the rainforest section.

Byfield NP

Byfield NP

The camp was quite full but we managed to find a nice flat spot to park Hillary for the afternoon and evening.  Then it started to rain.  As the afternoon progressed into the evening there was more rain than clear sky.  It would be the first water test on camp four.  Climbing into bed the mattress and sleeping bags were dry - a good start. 

The rain was pretty heavy and noisy on the roof but we remained high and dry.  The test will be tomorrow packing up a wet tent.

We have made a booking at Carnarvon Gorge so the plan is to head back inland for a few days tomorrow.