Swans - Camera Obscura

Aidan took us for a morning spin in the Supra through the cane fields at the back of Mackay.  Lets just say the speedo maxed out at 180km/h.  He needs to fit the one he has sitting in the garage that goes to 300km/h.

Packing up and leaving town at lunchtime we made our way south towards Yeppoon.  We had been warned about the amount of roadworks, and there was lots!

Luckily we had the AFL grand final to entertain us on the radio.  With Jaks cheering on the red and the white, there were a few tense moments, especially in the last few minutes when the broadcast ceased for no apparent reason.  When it came back on a few minutes later, it had good news - yay for the Swannies.

We made our way to the Big 4 caravan park, just south of Yepoon and checked into one of the few remaining sites.  The park was full of families, enjoying the coast for the long weekend.

After quite a few late nights in a row in Mackay, we opted for an early night.