Breaking Glass - David Bowie

After the debacle of last night it was time to get out of Undara. There is a volcano crater nearby called Kalkani. After assessing the risks of the walk we disobeyed all the signs and completed the crater trek without sensible shoes and adequate water. Sometimes its hard living on the edge and sometimes watching Parks coving their bums is laughable. The walk along the gravel path of 2.5km did not give rise to broken ankles or heat exhaution. The views across the savannah were big and more interesting than the views down into the crater. We learnt about various scrub types and their lack of fire resistance. All of the information we could find on boards and from our tour yesterday all seemed to point to a conscious descion by the plants to relocate to the higher slopes. Interesting.
Back on the black stuff we retraced our steps of a few weeks ago west through Mount Surprise and Georgetown. There are lots of sections of roadworks and single lane bitumen and unfortunately the inevitable happened and Hillary suffered a blow. After pulling off to the side of the road to give him all the bitumen a road train decided not to slow down. He showered us with rocks and we saw the rock coming (slow motion) and crack. Hillary is a bit sad about her crack and will we investigate getting a new windscreen in Mt Isa in a few days time. If it does not ge t any worse we may just leave it until we return home.
Turning left at Georgetown we made our way 90km into Cobbold Gorge. Arriving to views of the infinity pool, green grass and cold beer we knew we would be happy here for a few nights. Another tour tomorrow, a boat trip and a walk, so hopefully that will be interesting.
Another little gem of a place!