Lava - The B52's

Gary was our guide for the active explorer lava tube tour and despite being a tool he was quite informative. The tube that was formed by Undara volcano is 160km long and about 25 meters high. We visited a small section of tube relatively close to the lodge.
Gary filled our brains with geology and botany facts, some of which did seem a bit odd, as we wandered down into and along the tube.
We sent the afternoon relaxing by the pool, reading our books and magazines and chatting with fellow travelers.
As we prepared dinner Jaks helped a Dutch family light their camp fire as they were having some difficulties.
After dinner we chatted to Ross and Vicki who are on their way up the Cape. Hopefully some of our suggestions will help with their travels.
Some people are just plain rude and we happened to be camped next door to them. From 10.00pm onwards their music, "singing" and general chatter become exponentially louder (no doubt as they consumed more and more alcohol). Finally at midnight they we're asked to shutup, and from then it only took them another 30 minutes or so to finally go to bed. The call of the day came when at 7.45am when one of their kids started screaming and dad said 'shh people are trying to sleep.'
Numerous complaints were put in the next morning by those who were camped nearby.
Am I sounding old yet?