Going Underground - The Jam

After a leisurely rise after 8 o'clock, we disassembled camp and drove off to the caves. The signs at the start declared that the 2 self-guided caves were " difficult" and 600 meters return. Cool we thought that's a longish cave, however this distance took into account the 250 walk to the entrance so the cave was not as long as we thought. There was a bit off a scramble over slippery limestone to get down into the first one. It had a big chamber with sunlight shining through from the collapsed roof. After a few photos we moved to the next cave. The climb down into it was a bit more steep. There were a few tunnels to explore and lots more formations.
Our guided tour took us through the most scenic and the last big cave to be discovered. It was found in 1967. A steep set of stairs and 240V lighting showed us the way around. While not a big cave there were lots of shawls, flowstones, mites and tites to be seen. Bitey the leaf nosed bat enjoyed the limelight (pun intended) whilst we took some photos of him.
Once back on deck it was gravel roads south to Undara. The roads were in very good condition and we got there in a relaxed 3 hours.
We are camped on the gravel not far from our spot last time we were here. It has not changed here all that much except for a few improvements. Tomorrow we are off to see the lava tubes that this area is famous for.