The Band Played Waltzing Matilda - The Pogues

We travelled along the Matilda Highway west to Winton. 

We had a beer at the North Gregory Hotel - the pub where Waltzing Matilda was first performed in 1895. 

North Gregory Hotel

North Gregory Hotel

We visited the Waltzing Matilda Centre.

We stayed at the Matilda Country Tourist Park. 

Did you guess? Winton is proud to be the home of Waltzing Matilda. 

Not only is Winton famous for jolly swagmen it is also the Dinosaur Capital of Australia.  A fossilised dinosaur footprint was discovered here in 1962 and people have been visiting here in search of fossils ever since. We didn't peruse this activity as it didn't interest us at all. There seemed to be plenty of folk about town that were keen on dinosaurs and there were museums, shops, fossicking tours and themed cafes to keep them entertained.  We did manage to spot a few unidentified species driving white Land Cruisers towing caravans. 

Winton is a small (population 980) town located in central west Queensland and was our home for the afternoon and evening. Despite a lack of interest in dinosaurs we found plenty to do. 

The Route of the River Gum took us on a loop drive through the nearby Bladensburg National Park. Didn't see many River Gums but the Mitchell and Flinders grass downs (yes I am copying from the brochure) provided a beautiful backdrop (yes I am still copying from the brochure) for our Saturday afternoon drive. 

With the sun disappearing down over the horizon the temperature dropped significantly and we retired to the tent to keep warm.