500 Miles - The Proclaimers

After an early morning swim we packed up the tent and made our way to the nerd shop.  VK4AE had informed us of a nerd shop near the port where we may be able to purchase a new aerial for the radio (to replace the one snapped at Somerset a few weeks ago).  Bryce emerged with a new and improved aerial and we are back on the air bigger and stronger than ever!  It even has a swivel thingamey where so you can lower it when overhead clearance is questionable.

We returned to JB HiFi to purchase season 5 of Alias at the bargain price of $19.95.  Bryce is happy as he now has the final 17 episodes to watch after watching season 4 in 2006 it has been a long wait.

Bryce loves supermarket shopping, so he was pleased to be able to take the time to browse all the aisles at BiLo and fill the trolley with supplies for the next little while.  

We checked Hillary in for her new windscreen and wandered the 1.5km into town the long way (2.9km).  Townsville CBD was a ghost town with empty shop after empty shop so we made our way down to The Strand for lunch.  We decided lunch next to the ocean would be a good ideas as we wouldn't be seeing it for the next few months.  A local ale and sandwich at The Longboard Bar and Grill saw us re-energised for the 3km walk back to pick up Hillary.

Hillary was looking exceptionally smart with her new super clean windscreen.  We couldn't believe how much clearer the view was without bugs, chips, scratches etc blocking the view.  Fingers crossed it stays this good for a while.

We had previously booked into the Big 4 Caravan Park at Charters Towers knowing our getaway from Townsville would be a little late.  The road between Townsville and Charters Towers had lots of road trains but thankfully there was plenty of bitumen for everyone and no rocks thrown into our path.

We impressed the grey nomad brigade with our efficiency in setting up the tent and they all commented how much easier tent travel is than touring in the gigantic beasts some of them are in.

Then came the life saving moment.  We were sitting quietly minding our own business when a neighbour began choking on his dinner.  Unable to breath and his wife in panic mode, we raced to the rescue.  With a bit of reassurance and a squeeze around the middle, the offending piece of carrot was projected from his mouth, he breathed again and the dog got a second round of dinner.

The evenings entrainment comes in the form of downloading mountain lion.  The app store is currently saying:


It could be a long night.