Hip to Be Square - Huey Lewis and The News

Townsville - we spent two days and nights with little sleep (the is caravan park right next to main highway) doing some stuff.

First job was to switch our phones over to Telstra.  Spending time in remote and not so remote Australia it was our only option due to such limited coverage from Optus.  The transaction seemed to be quite smooth and I even rang them today and was on hold for less than 10 seconds, and they resolved my issue in less than 1 minute.  We can only hope things continue this well.  Time will tell.

Second job was to source a new windscreen.  Luckliy we are covered under our car insurance.  After a quick call to RACT and a three way conversation with Windscreen's O'brien we were informed Hillary would have to wait until Monday for her windscreen.

Third job was looking at solar panels.  We are missing internet shopping.  The price difference is incredible, over $300 more for a 120 Watt panel.  Just need to stay put long enough to get the panels posted.  

Fourth job was to buy a new laptop.  The nerd team were consulted and after conversations with nerd brother, advice from nerd husband, advice from nerd Andrew and JB Hifi the 13 inch mac book pro was the winner.  The computer should make life a bit easier for managing business stuff from the road, editing photos and of course blog writing.

Fifth job was to chat to Ronny and Ringo and arrange a meet up point.  The plan at this stage is to meet somewhere near Tennant Creek in about 2 weeks.  They are making their way across the Gibb River Road.  Exploring the red centre with R & R will be great.  Always fun to travel with them.

Rollingstone Beach

Rollingstone Beach

After a few sleepless nights we decided to head north to Rollingstone Beach for a few quiet days by the beach to wait for Monday and Hillary's new windscreen.  We have a nice little spot next to the beach in amongst the grey nomads.  I think we are the only people in the park that are under retirement age that speak English as our first language.

We have spent the days reading, nerding it up ( yes you can turn your iPhone 4S into a hotspot using your iPad sim for cheap internet!) and as you may have noticed upgrading the website to Squarespace 6.  Still lots of work to do but hopefully better links with Twitter, Facebook and easier to read on a mobile device.  Feedback welcome as always.  I'll aim to get a few more photos on the site over the next few days.