Fields of Gold - Sting

Missy the station dog spent the morning entertaining us, mainly by diligently returning the stick after she had fetched it from the lagoon, but also just by her beautiful nature. Mt Mulligan Station is based at the weir at the bottom of Mt Mulligan, a spectacular escarpment. The camping here is great with nice grassy sites, friendly hosts and the hottest of hot showers and even a flushing toilet!
We set off to the old mining township of Mt Mulligan with hopes of finding some gold nuggets. Apparently fossicking can be quite lucrative ($35000 in a fortnight) in this region. No such luck for us.
Mt Mulligan suffered one of Australia's worst mining disasters in 1921 when an explosion in the mine killed 75 men. The mine ceased operation in 1957 and now all that remains is a memorial and remnants of the town. We visited the top and bottom pubs, the boilers, brick kiln, hospital, school and the mine face. You could spend hours wandering around here and still not see everything.
We stopped in Dimboola for lunch before making our way west on the Burke Development Road to Chillagoe. After checking into the Chillagoe Observatory and Eco Lodge we explored the town. We visited the old smelter site which has been closed by parks because of asbestos danger, the local swimming hole and balancing rock.
Tomorrow we are doing a cave tour before making our way south to Undara.