Making Waves- The Nolan Sisters

After a bit of rainy night and a early swim it was time to get into the creeks. First up was Canal Creek, an easy crossing with a sandy exit. One way is a bit easier and straight up the guts was a bit harder. Brenton took the harder route and managed to get most of the way up and was only stopped by a jump up.
Next up was Sam Creek, Mistake Creek, Cannibal Creek, and Cypress. Most of the creeks had soft sandy drop-ins and some were a bit tough to get out of.
Along the way we met up with Ant. They have a 150 series Prado and are traveling on their honeymoon. They followed us through then joined us for the rest of the road to Bamaga.
Nolan's Brook was going to be the crux of the day, some of the earlier crossing were also quite deep. Upon arriving we found that it was a much bigger crossing than we remembered. While walking the creek we found it to be well over sack depth. Brenton was first to go through and again the 80 series did it easy. Inspired by this we all geared up to go. ED went first and unfortunatey the snatch strap got caught around the wheel and caused him to stop. As the water level rose Brenton backed up and we got a strap attached to ED and pulled him out.
Following this we decided that attaching a strap to Brenton's car and towing us through would be the best way. Daz went first then we
followed. This plan worked well and Brenton was in demand from a few other by-standers.
The rest of the run into town was easy and we are now camped up at Loyalty Beach..
A few days here should see us going to the tip and Somerset and maybe a trip out to the mouth of the Jardine.