Waterfalls - TLC

In the beginning... we awoke to frequent showers so we packed up wet tents and headed back to the Dulhunty crossing. We continued north on the OTL crossing Bertie, Cholmonderly, Cockatoo, Sailor, Gunshot and Swampy creeks. The steeper entrance into Gunshot was attempted successfully by Dave and Brenton. Dazza and Bryce went the easier route. There was a 640 KTM waiting for his ride down the drop and he got through with no problem.
After a fairly short drive we stopped for lunch at the picturesque Sheldon's Lagoon. Here we found small freshwater turtles hanging out with some little fish and it was cool.
We had a lovely swim at Fruit Bat Falls which was surprisingly uncrowned before arriving at Eliot Falls where we had pre-booked our campsite. The campsites are a bit separated and ED are parked up the hill from us.
We spent the afternoon swimming in the river and falls, jumping off rocks and looking for Brenton's camera, which slipped off his wrist. Luckily he found it again directly below him. Dazza headed back to camp to grab his mask and had a snorkel back towards Twin Falls.
We are now all camped up under the Homestead's fox wing as it is raining on and off.