Telegraph Road - Dire Straits

Once upon a summers day, just a dream from yesterday we left the Wenlock River and motored north to Bramwell Junction.
The rest of the run out from the Wenlock to the main drag went without problem. Once on the main road we were happy to find it was in really good condition. We sat on between 80-100km/h and remarked how the corrugations are very much less than the used to be.
After a wee fuel stop at Bramwell Junction we posed for a photo and took the slightly anti-climatic track behind the servo and hit the Old Telegraph Line (OTL).
Our first challenge was Palm Creek. The drop in was quite steep, and a bulge in the mud on the left took the paint off our sliders. Thanks to Andrew for making something a touch wider than than the original ground detectors.
We all dropped in with no problem but Dave was the only one who made it out without a tow.
The track improved after that and we made good time. Dulcie Creek appeared next and we lined up to attempt it. We had been caught by an 80 series and a Patrol that sported big lifts and big tyres. They were on the way to the tip to scatter some ashes so we let them go. I waited until they had cleared the creek. Jaks was waiting on a bar in the middle of the creek so I pulled up next to her and picked her up. The next instructions got a bit confused, the route around a somewhat innocuous stick... to keep left or right got a bit confused. So we ended up on the wrong side with a lot of water coming over the bonnet. Luckily we had everything locked up and made it through with no problems. The exit from the creek had a final twist and the left slider saved us again.
The rest of the day up to the Dulhunty was easy with only a Vajero slowing us down. There were a few campsites there but ED found a site around 7 km south of the River. Jordan, Ryan and Jaks had fun in the mud before we found our site for tonight. We are moored next to the river in a great spot and having a great time around the fire.
Elliot Falls tomozz.