Stuck in the Middle with You - Stealers Wheel

We packed up in less than ideal conditions with gale force winds and "scattered showers". The amount of plastic washed up on the beach here is truly amazing. You could spend hours combing the beach looking for treasures amongst the junk. We made a detour via Portland Roads for a history lesson and a visit to the cafe. We were rewarded with great coffee and hot chocolates and an informative barista. Lots of photos from the 50s showing how big the jetty used to be.
We made our way back to the turnoff to Frenchman's Track and cracked a right-hander with a level of anticipation.
The 10km into the Pascoe River crossing was pretty good going and we arrived at the river in no time. The boys had secretly tested the depths the previous day and described it as soggy sac depth.
ED was first to cross, followed by Viagra, Hillary and the Homestead. All made it through without problem and we stopped for a swim and some lunch on the far side. Unfortunately Hillary had a small drink during the crossing. There seems to be a problem with the GXL prados leaking water through the back doors. We meet a GX owner later in the day who did not have the same problem. We are thinking the clips holding the plastic trims on the doors. Further investigation is required.
We then made a left hand turn and the track changed to clay flats with some deep washouts, or grooves as Jaks calls them. Some of the track is very nice and smooth, speeds of 40km/h can be obtained.
Further along the track we came upon some other vehicles. Unfortunately an idiot from the ACT four wheel drive club decided he was not going to move. Trying to squeeze past him resulted in some terse words and he contacted our HF aerial with his camper van. Not a word of apology and off he went. Amazing that there are people like that out here. Minutes later the complete opposite was evident as we pulled off the track to let a 200 series cruiser with Kimberly trailer and a 60 series past. They were energetic in their thanks and we all continued on.
A short distance before the Wenlock we met a GX prado and trailer coming the other way. We had plenty of room to let them by and we stopped for a chat. They are fellow VKS members and we had a word about HF conditions. Very nerdy. They were aghast to hear that we had been on the track for 4 hours. They were hoping to make Chili beach that night. Further down the track a puddle resulted in Brenton getting a piece of wood stuck in behind a brake disc and ED getting stuck in the mud. Both easy fixes in the end.
After some interesting and entertaining passing on the single lane track we came to the Wenlock River. This wasn't as deep as the Pascoe but the climb up the far bank was muddy and steep and made the diff lockers worth while.
We pulled up stumps at a lovely campsite on the banks of the river.
We were able to use a pumice stone found on Chili Beach for a pedicure while swimming in the hopefully crocodile free river.
Dinner tonight was chicken, feta and basil pasta - Bryce's favourite. The chicken from Malones was still frozen and tasted a treat.