Blowing in the Wind - Bob Dylan

Dazza's started the day with a swim in the crocodile infested Tin Creek, the rest of us had a relaxing start to the day, with pancakes and eggs and bacon.
We travelled at point - a very important job, calling all the big corners, holes and oncoming traffic.
We made our way up the 36km on the development road before turning East towards Chili Beach, Lockhart River and Portland Roads.
Our first stop was to cross the Wenlock River. A reasonably wide crossing, not too deep and a solid rocky base. Susan was allowed to drive! After the obligatory photos we then searched for the Batavia Goldfields. Following the directions from the book, we were not successful in locating the ruins. Brenton and the boys had more luck and got some great photos.
Further along we came to the Pascoe River crossing, once again not too deep and fairly easy crossing.
The road continues through various countryside, ranging from thick tropical rainforest to open eucalyptus plains. At the start of the Frenchman's Track we stopped for a chat with a group of South Australians. We heard there was a camper trailer stuck where the Frenchman's Track crosses the Pascoe Rivere. Dave and Bryce couldn't help themselves and headed the 16km into the crossing to see if they could help and also see if we should head out this way tomorrow. Brenton and the boys went as backup.
Turns out then camper trailer was retrieved and on its way and the boys decided to do a recce and attempt the crossing. All reports were that the crossing was passable and we should do the Frenchman's Track tomorrow.
After a quick stop in Lockhart River for fresh bread (hot out of the oven) we made our way to our prebooked campsite at Chili Beach.
Windy, windy and more wind. Unfortunately our campsite is extremely exposed and we have had to position the cars as a windbreak.
Dinner tonight was mustard chicken. The meat from Malones is working out a treat and we are continuing the 5 star dining theme.
Tonight we are going to sleep in the car. Will be interesting to see how that goes.