Hanging on the Telephone Line - Blondie

We left our camp at Hann River Crossing heading out to Musgrave Station. We stopped at the sign at Lotusbird Lodge for a photo of the sign pointing to all points and a quick check of ED's aerial. They have been having problems receiving calls from the rest of us. More on that later.

Arriving at Musgrave after speeding up the newly graded roads Bryce had a fossic around the campground in search of a jerry can. Dennis told us he had stashed one in the bushes on his return trip from the Cape on his F800. Unfortunately it was no where to be seen.
This was a major waypoint and from here we headed north on the much improved Development Road towards Coen. We were hoping that Coen had improved in the same way that Domagee had but no such luck. The takeaway was shut, there was no fresh bread anywhere and the sExechange Hotel does not seem to be there. After a quick fuel, phone and milk stop we headed to the ranger station to see what the go was with booking campsites.

What a disaster.

How many people does it take to book a campsite? More than 9! The ranger was no where to be seen and the touch screen system epically failed in every way possible. Trying book a site was virtually impossible, the touch screen is so slow as to be useless and the UI completely hopeless. After a 20 minute phone call we seem to have had success, time will tell. A few other campers came and went while we were there and they all had similar stories of pain and anguish. Seems everyone is pretty unhappy about the whole system (or lack of). Everyone says they were happy with the first come first served process from the good old days.
66 km further north we passed through the Archer River Roadhouse, and looked for a place to camp. ED found a great spot down a quarry road next to Tin Creek. A quick check of EDs antenna found no problem. Further investigation revealed an operator error with the squelch turned all the way up. Jaks, Dave and the kids had a fish, once again donating some more lures to the creek. After an impressive cast, Jordan managed to catch a tree on the far side of the creek. No crocs to be found and an early night all round.