Tell Laura I Love Her - Ray Peterson

We are keeping tally of how many creeks we cross between Port Douglas and the top. Jordan is chief counter and has everyone's guesses. Today we crossed another 4 creeks making the total 10 so far.
We spent the morning wondering around Cooktown checking out the lure shop, camping shop, newsagency and monuments. There is a lot of history in this town.
We bailed out of town on Battlecamp Road, with the road once again being surprisingly good. There are big sections of bitumen and a few sections of roadworks along the way.
We stopped for lunch at Old Laura Station and Dave had a go at getting the station truck going. With evidence of rust, he thought it could have been flooded but it turned out all the power was going to ground. Lucky they were ultimate members as it will be a long tow.
From here we proceeded north into Lakefield NP. The Queensland government in their wisdom have introduced a campsite booking system. Not so useful when you don't have a definitive itinerary and no phone or internet to book on the day. Despite all this we managed to book a spot at Hann River Crossing.
We spent the afternoon donating lures to the Hann River and posing as crocodile bait. Despite our best efforts there was not fresh fish for dinner.
Dinner tonight was a mixed selection of kebabs, all of which were very nice.