Crocodile Rock - Elton John

A windy night turned into a very windy day. Just an annoying wind, noisy but also quite cooling and it kept the flies away. After breaky we drove up the soft sandy beach towards the Cape. On the way we stopped at a monument to a lot of pearling loggers and people who drowned here when a cyclone hit in the late 1800s.
A touch further on we arrived at the end of the beach. We walked around some rocks to try the fishing from here.
Beef for dinner again tonight then.
We spent several hours up near the Cape fishing and exploring. After jumping over one rock I nearly landed on what I thought was a dead crocodile. He was around 6 ft long and was missing his (her?) right front leg. After snapping a couple of photos I discovered that he was not dead as he spun around and slid back into the sea. Certainly makes you look at the croc warning signs a lot more.
After returning to camp for lunch and a read the wind refused to abate. A touch more fishing and a lot of sitting around rounded out the day.