Light My Fire - The Doors

A day of unknowns. Would we be able to make it south to Lilyvale Station? What would the road be like? Were we allowed to drive through Lama Lama NP?
The first section of the track south of the Stewart River wound through open grass land and paperbark sections. Scrubby Creek was the only wet crossing and didn't prove anything difficult for ED and Hillary.
Between Scrubby Creek and Running Creek large sections of the land was being burnt off and we had to cross the fire front. Sounds tougher than it was. Dave cleared the track of a few burning sticks and away we went. It is quite amazing to see such large areas of land alight and no one to be seen managing the fire. Obviously works ok for them.
Crossing Running Creek we passed through the station and a number of gates. The road improved significantly from here and we tootled our way down to Lilyvale Station.
Along the road we passed a number of official looking signs saying through road to Point Stewart and that we must remain on the gazetted road. All Good indicators we were allowed to carry on.
We arrived at Musgrave in time for lunch and the very helpful Teresa from QPWS booked us some campsites for the next two nights.
Back on familiar roads we headed East into Lakefield NP and along the never ending track to Orange Plain Waterhole, site 4. This area must see some significant water during summer but all that remained were some fairly stagnant waterholes, a nice home for the mosquitos.
Smashed pumpkin (c/o Merluna) filled our tummies and after a quick shower we tucked ourselves into the warm, mosquito free tent. The evening temperatures have dropped considerably and has made sleeping much more comfortable.
Tomorrow more adventures as we head out to Bathurst Head in Cape Melville NP.