Big Balls - AC/DC

This morning we awoke at the HS to a gentle mist of soft pastels with tiny shiny drops suspended in the cool air. Before the KK army departed for Weipa we were were able to grab a few picturesque snaps to capture the quiet start. After a light breaky we did a quick pack up except for a few bits waiting to dry in the early sunshine. A farewell to Suzie and Richard with the VW / ultimate camper trailer who gave us a parting gift of some tiny limes from the trees in the garden. We stopped at the office to say thankyou and goodbye to our hosts and had a interesting conversation with the barefooted adventure hunter Clint, originally from NZ, who manages Merluna HS in the Dry season and runs pig and wild cattle bow hunting tours. And yes he really does go barefoot.
With a few bush lemons from the garden and a pumpkin in the Prados we checked out the 40 & 55 series land cruisers in the shed and the Massey Ferguson plough gear with multiple bid gee barbies attached. Nudging aside wild pigs and a huge chestnut very well sprung wild bull with horns to match we took the road south east for Coen.
Once again onto the red superhighway, four lanes wide at times with a few whoopee-doos along the way. Hamburger time at a quite pleasant Archer river roadhouse then a beer and a chat with some dark and friendly folk at the Coen sExchange hotel. Onwards to Port Stewart along a recently upgraded gravel rd aprox 60kms although not much to see at the end other than mangroves and mosquitos and a keep out signs for properties including the ranger station. Some detective work was required to find a small track eastwards to then go south and after passing a picturesque lagoon full of white water lillies we came upon a very clear trickle of the Stewart Rv. We set up camp on the northern bank, had a relaxings read, camp shower and a lovely tea of blue bone groper, chips and fried rice. A very stary night by the fire with the notes of crickets, curlews, mosquitos and angry cattle.

A guest report by Elysse (age 40) .