The Lion Sleeps Tonight- The Tokens

Our first stop this morning was at Malones Butcher in Port Douglas to pick up our meat order. They had kindly cryovaced all our meat in meal sized packages. We are going to eat well this trip!
After finishing off the final details in town we got away a little later than anticipated. A quick stop at Mossman for black current cordial and a trip up to the gorge were in order. The gorge has changed a lot, you now have to pay for a bus to take you up to the rapids. So after turning around and driving off in disgust we headed to the Daintree River ferry. A bit more roadworks north of the river slowed us a bit and we had a late lunch at Cape Tribulation. A quick walk to the beach to see the Cape got that ticked off.
Hitting the dirt road there are a couple of very steep hills that have been sealed in the past. Further on there are now long stretches of sealed roads around the communities. North of the Bloomfield River the road is now wide and graded. A far cry from the old way which was honestly much more fun. A quick beer at The Lions Den and the decision was made to continue on to Cooktown. Dave decided to see if hitting some rocks would result in a tone. He was wrong.
We are here at the same park we stayed at 7 years ago when we met Stuie.
Tomorrow sees us on the same route up through Battlecamp Road towards Laura.