Calypso - Spiderbait

As it is Queensland school holidays the boat was very busy, but luckily for us there was room for the Purdens and the Steads.
We headed the 32 nautical miles out to Opal Reef and our first site for the day was Bluebuoy.
Jaks was on deck watch, Bryce was diving and Brenton and the boys snorkeled. It was approaching low tide which made for good conditions.
We then moved onto SNO, which has never been Bryce's favourite but he was heard to say it was a lovely snorkeling site. Ryan helped Jaks with deck watch whilst Brenton, Jordan and Bryce did the snorkel tour and chased after a reef shark.
Our last site for the day was the Wedge. Bryce did a drop-off on the outside wall with the Germans from the caravan park. Good viz but a very long swim!
As always it was the best day ever on Calypso and a big thankyou to all the crew!!
Dave and Elysse met us as we got off the boat and joined us at the Glengarry Caravan Park. Our new German dive instructor friends were concerned about how many people were left in Tasmania. It was great to spend a few days with them and teach them about the finer points of Australian beer, instead of the VB they had purchased. We slipped them a bundy and dry to try as well.
Tomorrow is the official start of the Cape Trip.